Provincetown Photo February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017
Photo by Paul Murphy

Mornings are Beautiful
A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

Mornings are lovely when they come.
After a deep black night
To see that crack of brightness
Peek into the horizon.
Then if we are lucky, there may be pink.
Slipping in slyly, quietly,
A little break in a line of gold,
Then rushing in and up until
The sky is suffused in rose and pink .
I have been given a strange gift–
A gift of words which seem to come to me
From an unknown source.
They start to come in a slight head-ache,
And a push toward the computer.
The words pour out, coming because they have to.
I am the vessel through which they find
Their way to paper and then
Into your minds and hearts.
Sometimes you say that you are amazed.
Well, so am I. I am a simple soul,
More attuned to nature than to humanity
But finding a strong chord that brings the two together.
I am one filled with questions, seeing danger,worrying
About the barricades life puts before us.
Nature has the answers, lying quietly before us.
It is our goal to find them, hold them, investigate.
After a dark night,
There always comes a morning.