January 12, 2018
Photo by Lorraine DeProspo

House of Words
A Poem by Mark S. Peel

Within its walls, they confound, bicker and console,
torture and heal the mind and body
providing sanctuary for the many lies, palpable truths,
offending thoughts sequestered among such contradictions
like Mein Kampf and the Book of Mark.
Where each is at home with the other,
where the spine of the benign parallels the spine of the provocative,
where ignorance is a state of grace but illiteracy a cardinal sin;
both help to define virtue among the letters of the world,
to toil where the most common of words are juxtaposed
to form the most uncommon of thoughts.
This is not a place for the weak-hearted
and certainly not a place for cowards though both are allowed
without restriction of privilege.
This is the home of confusing thoughts and crystal clarity,
of many answers to unintended questions,
of many questions without answers.
To work among the ideas of the Ages, the volumes of the millennia,
among the languages of all mankind
is to lose one’s self to the prospect
of finding one’s soul.

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