Provincetown Photo January 20

January 20, 2017
Photo by David Wennerberg

A New Poem from Hilde Oleson

I worry just a bit about this town I love.
The town where we all crowd together on a summer day
To celebrate how strange we are.
We are a town of different people,
No two of us the same,
No one of us
could stand alone but in this town,
Surrounded by nature, warmed by the sun,
Fed by the history of pirates, painters, poets
Wandering the dunes or lounging on the shores ,
Some hardly venturing beyond their favorite taps,
We know we are the chosen ones.
We are the fortunate who landed on these shores,
Caught in the sweet oblivion of summer.
We are the sturdy few who bear the drafts of winter,
Lift our heads above the snow to see the diamonds
Sparkling in the trees.
We live, we prosper, we create.
Our hands belong to P-town, not our own.
We teach, we entertain, we feed the bodies
And the minds, basking in the warmth of love.
We watch nature as birds and bees make love
And follow our desires.
In P-town there are many kinds of love,
As there are many kinds of people
And there is love and there is hate
And we must find the way to live with both.