January 5, 2018
Photo by Stephen Borkowski

Putting Christmas Away
A Poem by Hilde Oleson

The leaves are falling off the poinsettia.
They dressed it up for Christmas.
Not satisfied with its natural beauty
Someone sprayed it with color,
Sprinkled it with glitter. It had its moment of glamor,
Sat patiently until it was gifted to me.
Now it has had its day and I think its sees no future,
It sees other plants putting on new leaves
Yet knows it can not replicate its own.
Perhaps it is in frustration that it sheds this gown.
I want it to know it did its job. It gave us Christmas gaiety.
So I place it where it can watch as I take the decorations down.
The tree looks shabby when the hangings are gone,
The lights stripped off.
The fake mistletoe has done its work –or not–
Now it is gone.
The Christmas music crawls back into the shelf to wait
For many months. Once more we have expressed
Our love and gratitude for God’s great gift
As well as for the earthly love we can express through gifts
And joyous recreation.
The box is labeled “Xmas decorations”
And hidden in the closet.
Whether we wished for it or not,
A new year has begun.

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