July 20, 2018
Photo by Barbara Klipper

What We See
A Poem by Hilde Oleson

Lying prone on warm sand,
Watching the sky move and change,
the clouds hover and shift, one tiny cloud
Moves swiftly as though borne by the wind,
Seems to fall, recovers, lifts again.
I watch enthralled, until I see that
it was my perception.
Actually, it is below the clouds and is a gull,
Riding a thermal joyously.
No flapping wings, no effort given.
When I considered it a cloud
Was it more, a part of the sky?
Or was it less, a fallible thing of limited life?
Are we more valuable humans
When we are seen to be of value?
Is it the joy of nature that makes life such a happy place
Or is it all in the beholders eye?

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