June 2
June 2, 2017

Looking Hard, Listening to Poets
A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

Rilke told us to stare into a rock.
I tell you to look at a bird.
As he, wonderful man of knowledge,
Said if we stare long enough we will see the core.
We will understand where it came from.
He advised us to stare into its rockness,
Until our own center starts to sink, become heavy.
Then we can see our own beginnings, our own core.
The wonderful beginnings of life comes again
Into us. We have the firmness of a rock,
A feeling of being, of permanence in the world.
Your mind can rest, your soul can feel understanding.
The great emotions of life can come to us over and over.
Yet I would tell you–When you are safe
Stand with the birds.Watch them fly.
See their joy as their wings rest on the thermals!
They lie motionless. Raptured,effortless
Again and again they circle, one with the world.
Part of life’s joy, ensconced in exultation,
Life’s worries forgotten.
The world recedes as we lie on the wind, let our spirits fly free.
Empathy giving us a moment’s clue,
Where we belong.