06.24.17 - Provincetown American Flag
June 30, 2017
Photo by Paul Murphy

This Life
A New Poem by Provincetown’s Hilde Oleson

Perhaps this is the only life I will ever have
Or perhaps not.
Nothing about it is as I would have planned.
In youth I thought I had it all worked out,
Would live a simple way in peace .
My parents married in a war to end all wars,
So obviously I was safe.
My first year of college was also
The year of the beginning of World War 2.
The world kept changing.
The peaceful days were short and only local.
One part of the world or another
Has been wrapped in turmoil and anguish
All the days of my life.
But there is a mist of mystery wrapping those of us
Who listen to the oceans advice.
There are messages born on the wind,
The trill of birds, the clasp of a loved ones hand.
There is a kind of peace brought to us on the wings of gulls.
A stoic, quietness.
Settling upon our own sand lots
We learn to make peace in our own minds.
A joy in life that will not be quelled
By worldly issues of strife
Somehow we learn from stars, from water lying in a pool,
We find the simple answers in the simplest things
The answers to love in a daisies petals,
The sun that warms our cooling hearts,
The smiles that tell us life goes on.
Or so it seems for me.