June 9 Photo
June 9, 2017
Image by David Dunlap

A New Photo by Provincetown’s Hilde Oleson

Come dance to the risen lettuce.
Delicate green shoots,
Fragile small leaves risen from dry grey seeds.
Springing into life,
Breaking through the solid mass of dirt.
Oh, dance to the resurgence of food.
Of mouthwatering tastes to the tongue,
Of the longed for taste of spring to the mind.
Let your steps land as lightly upon the earth
As the delicate leaves rest upon the soil.
Let your spirits rise as the graceful tendrils rise
Toward the sun.
Winter has been obliterated.
Gone with a delicate flash of green.Every year
Spring suffers quietly through the long cold.
Every year hope lies wistfully waiting.
Always a tiny seed, patient and still, rouses.
Reaches out, sends a tendril of faint hope.
Yes, dance to the joy when it breaks through the ground,
For summer comes.