March 16, 2018
Photo by Amy Raff

If I Could Have
A Poem by Mark S. Peel

…one more drink of hearty, human kindness,
one more candle to free my mind’s blindness,
one more minute to a year almost spent,
one more cause to know true intent,
one more flower for a perfect bouquet,
one more thought of something good to say,
one more peaceful night to sleep on through,
one more day with a little less to make do,
one more star to make the night’s sky complete,
one more bite of a milk chocolate sweet,
one more ring from a beckoning telephone,
one more lick of a nearly diminished ice cream cone,
one more joke to make the laughter last,
one more memory to cherish the distant past,
one more rhyme to birth a clever phrase,
one more walk in a warm, summer morning haze,
one more dance to make the evening soar,
one more breath with which to say “one more,”
one more kiss from a fickle, expectant girl
and one more Irishman to make a better world…

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