Foggy Wharf

The Library
A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

When I was young, and born into a family that
Felt wrong to me
I was so often lost.
I wandered lonely in my mind
Looking for solace everywhere.
Nature was wonderfully calming to my soul
But my young mind was restless.
The first cure that I found has been the lasting one.
It was the open doors of a library.
Stacks of adventure waiting just for me.
Answers to every question that my anxious mind could bring.
Some days it was the solid answers from encyclopedias.
Others it was the soaring fantasies of poets.
I never before knew there were other minds as questioning
Or answers so available.
I could read day and night and never reach the end.
There were a million answers waiting there
For questions I had yet to form.
When I was restless, there were writers opening ideas
That sent me down another path.
Another never ending way of exploration
That stimulated a young mind,
Kept me alert and grounded through instructional years.
From Dr. Spock to nursery rhymes to How to grow old gracefully
There were tomes to fascinate and guide.
I learned speed reading but authors are so varied and so many
They stay ahead of me.
So I am set for all the years ahead.
As long as the library doors are open
So will be my mind.