October 13, 2017
Photo by Stephen Borkowski

Summer of Seventeen
A Poem by Mark S. Peel

When the weather turns cool from warm,
the spring from young to old,
when the years accumulate maturity
upon the experience of wanderlust,
the choice of prom or baseball
poses no challenging decision at all.
Standing in the shadow of Notre Dame,
that Gothic lady, witness to serial French trial and trauma,
or sitting in Monet’s garden thinking water lilies,
one reflects for special moments
to imagine the movers, shakers, commoners who,
and events that, have preceded in that very place to make history.
Seventeen is an intimidating time.
Vigor and whim leave few options
for control of direction, for advancement
without dalliance or error subject to penalty.
Adventure at any age blends anxiety
with anticipation, wonder with naivety
for the sheer pleasure of the experience.

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