September 15, 2017
Photo by Brittany Taylor

Go gentle, wind.
A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

Do you know the fear a gull fears as it plummets down 
From the sky, the closing of eyes as it hits the water?
Do you know that last wild gasp as a fish joins its family
Swallowed into the gaping cavern of a whales mouth?
Can you imagine the tiny bluet that struggled
Through the dense woodland ground to bloom
As it seems a large boot hovering over it, descending, crushing?
Nature has its own desperation
I think of the goose with her very first goslings, watching in horror as a fox
Glides in silently to snatch and run with her first born.
Our joys are so temporal, so fragile.
We hold happiness in our hands like a slim glass bowl, 
Ours to protect or to shatter.

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