September 22, 2017
Photo by Stephen Borkowski

Buyer Beware
A Poem by John Tehan

regret is a commodity
best left untouched
on the dusty shelve
of the old Five and Dime
in the mind

the ancient shopkeeper there
(who has run the place forever)
with his stern visage
and suspicious nature
dressed in his long white apron
cinched too tightly at the waist
is better equipped
to deal with merchandise of that sort
than any of his innocent customers
could ever hope to be

mindful awareness and caution are needed
when deciding just what to include
on one’s shopping list
or while casually browsing 
up one overstocked aisle and down the next
so as to be a smart and thrifty consumer
one wise in the ways
of such domestic commerce

a penny saved is a penny earned
peace of mind is a terrible thing to waste
and regret is one of those notions 
whose ultimate cost 
far exceeds its sticker price
on the dusty shelves
of the old Five and Dime
in the mind

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