September 29, 2017
Photo by Rowan Wielblad

How high a wall?
A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

How high a wall must we build to keep out pain?
How far must we go to avoid misery
When the world is full of drones
That can carry drugs and messages
Of love and hate over all the barriers we raise, 
How can we send our feeble rays of hope?
That I want to send a simple gift of love, 
Let the oppressed know I cry for them, 
When I want to tell the ones who make these lethal
Weapons of fear that there will be a reckoning,
That all we simple sould will build up our strength
Together and there will be a day the pendulum will swing
Until that wall of hatred falls.
And while we wait, and work and love together, we will
Attempt to build a big enough reserve of love to include them too.
Then we will not need a wall.

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