Lennon Gift

Dr. J. Michael and Donna Pedro Lennon, longtime residents of Provincetown and now living in Westport, Massachusetts, continued their support of the Provincetown Public library with an extraordinary gift this weekend. The Lennons have donated a rare copy of the first serialization of Moby-Dick; or, the Whale (Harper’s Magazine 1851) in honor of the Moby-Dick Marathon and trustee Stephen Borkowski’s effort to establish it in Provincetown.

Dr. Lennon is the author of the recently published Norman Mailer, A Double Life, and is the President of the Norman Mailer Society.  He was in Provincetown to read at the Moby-Dick Marathon and returns annually with Donna every August. The gift of the rare 1851 edition of Harper’s Magazine from Dr. and Mrs. Lennon was accepted by Laura Shabott, chairman of the Library Board and noted Provincetown artist. She says “We are grateful for their steadfast engagement and extraordinary generosity over many years. The Board of Library Trustees is privileged to accept such a tome for the town’s collection.”

About the Provincetown Moby-Dick Marathon: This three-day annual event at the Provincetown Public Library unites over 120 members of Provincetown’s literary, art, theater and academic communities to read Melville’s classic work Moby-Dick aloud over a total of 24 hours. It is a free and public event, joining the seaports of Mystic, Connecticut, New York, New York and New Bedford, Massachusetts in honoring our maritime whaling heritage.

About the Provincetown Public Library:  Located downtown on Commercial Street, the Library is both a literal and metaphoric center of the Provincetown community, housing nearly 40,000 books, archives and ephemera, more than thirty works of art from the Town’s Art Collection, and the Rose Dorothea Schooner half-scale model and Lipton’s Cup.