Reading Buddies Provincetown

Adult volunteers are needed to be “reading buddies” for primary and middle years students at the Provincetown Library on Tuesday afternoons beginning January 17. Interested adults who would like to share their love of books with Provincetown students should contact Lead Librarian Nan Cinnater at the Provincetown Library, (508) 487-7094.

“Reading Buddies” is a weekly after-school program co-sponsored by the Provincetown Library and Provincetown Schools, in which students choose their own books from the library to read one-on-one with adult volunteers. Every week, therapy dogs join the mix, visiting with each adult-student pair so that the child can read to the dog, or pet and interact with the dog while the adult reads. Therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers come from all over Cape Cod, recruited through the Companion Animal Program in Orleans and Therapy Dogs International.

“Reading Buddies” began last spring as a pilot program, which was so successful that both co-sponsoring institutions decided to continue it. At the end of last year’s session, one of the volunteers commented, “ I love [the] philosophy of making the library a warm, happy place for the kids. It’s about reading and having fun with the books… fostering the love of books.”

Nan Cinnater
Lead Librarian