On Wednesday, December 14, the Writer’s Voice Café at the Provincetown Public Library featured Larry Austin, author of Seer: Seer Series Book One and Critical Path: Seer Series Book Two.

Larry Austin is a first time novelist who lives and works on Cape Cod, MA, where he is passionate about his writing, his work as a psychotherapist, gardening, fishing and shell-fishing. Creative writing has long been a hobby, and, as a writing exercise started six years ago, Larry began writing the book that would eventually become the seventh and last book of the Seer Series. After completing that novel, he realized there was a lot of backstory to tell. Hence, the series covers three generations of the Macalister family over the course of fifty years. Seer: Seer Series Book One, was released in March 2016. It was Larry’s first published novel. His second in the series, Critical Path, was released on December 1, 2016.